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GENE515 - Vol. 1

A thousand years in the future, life on Earth is dying.


Decades after new life ceased, Kita dreams of escaping the desolate planet to a flourishing space colony.  But with his head in the clouds, Kita stumbles into an unimaginable adventure on Earth. What happens to life struggling to survive? What desperate measures do those lives take to protect existence and stave off extinction?  


Join Frank the dog and his ward, Kita, in the last city's science labs as they begin their journey to bring back life on Earth.

GENE515 - Vol. 2

Exploring the outskirts of the Citadel, Frank and Kita make a startling discovery.  After stumbling on a deserted lab, Frank and Kita begin to unveil the lengths species will go through to survive.  

GENE515 - Vol. 3

Deep in the wilds, Kita, Frank, Dawn and Sophie struggle to find their way through it all, and make meaning of this place, this world, that was supposed to be dead. Follow our friends, and make some new ones as they struggle to find the answers ... and their way home.



Launching in March 2024, GENE515 is becoming an illustrated comic series! 

Issues 1-4 will release at AWESOME CON, Washington DC's Comic Con. Author and illustrator, Zachary Rhoades will be at Table D-21 with the Saturday Morning Cartoonists.

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